Six-Figure Freelancing: Three Keys to Success

Introduction to the Business of Freelance Writing

You can make a GREAT living as a freelance writer!

Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Kevin Corbley lives a life most people only dream about. And you can too!

Kevin started freelance writing full time 25 years ago and is still going strong. Join him in this short video class as he tells the story of how he discovered what it takes to be a financially successful freelancer.

You will gain insights into the three keys of freelance writing success and learn the 10 critical business processes that every freelancer should know. 

Along the way, you will learn why freelance writing isn't just a job - it's a lifestyle! 

And it's great! In fact, it's even better than you imagine.

(This is a recorded version of a popular presentation Kevin gives to writers groups.)

What's included?

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Kevin Corbley
Kevin Corbley
Course Instructor

About the instructor

Kevin Corbley dropped out of the rat race 25 years ago when he quit his PR job at an aerospace company in Washington, D.C., to start a freelance writing business in Denver, now called Corbley Communications. Since then, Kevin has written more than 500 feature magazine articles and about a zillion* press releases, white papers, advertisements, and web pages for clients around the world.

Kevin takes great pride in his work, but these are the statistics he thinks really matter:

  • He takes 5-7 weeks of vacation every year
  • He rarely missed a soccer game or class field trip when his kids were young
  • He has worked only two weekends in 25 years
  • He can seldom be found at his desk past 5 pm

Kevin became active in Entrepreneurship training through his college alumni association several years ago. Seeing the lack of business knowledge many entrepreneurs have when starting on their own, he decided to launch “Business Boot Camp for Freelance Writers” to help writers learn the business side of freelancing so they can experience the same professional success and personal freedom he has enjoyed since 1993. 

*OK, maybe not exactly a zillion. It just seems that way.